Music Therapy at CMS

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One of music’s attractions is its ability to help communicate and express feelings. Music therapy combines the fields of music education and therapy to enhance the development of life skills and can be beneficial to people of any age regardless of musical skill or background. Music therapy has been successful in improving self-expression, communication, learning, social interaction and personal awareness.


“Music has been a wonderful bridge between our son’s ‘closed-in’ world of autism and our world of social            engagement. He now engages us with music, running to his closet and grabbing his guitar to play with us.”

Music Therapy is beneficial to a variety of populations and people of all ages with unique needs:
  • Neurological Disorders & Brain Injury
  • Chronic Illness & Oncology
  • Mental Health
  • Developmental Disabilities & Autism Spectrum
  • Physical Disabilities & Sensory Impairment
  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Community Music School’s board certified music therapist, Cathy Kenny, specializes in working with special needs children. She works with students through both private instruction and group lessons that may take place at CMS, in the public school classroom, group homes, wellness programs, or other locations.

Comprehensive Music Therapy services at CMS include:
  • Assessment – gathering information relevant to client needs
  • Treatment Planning – developing strategies to address short and long-term goals and objectives
  • Implementation – providing evidence-based music therapy strategies and interventions
  • Evaluation and Documentation – collecting and documenting information relevant to client responses and progress
Music Therapy Session Fee: $50* per private 30-minute session.  Group Session fees are based on number of participants.

Please contact the Business Office at 860-767-0026 to schedule a consultation.

*Scholarships available, please contact the Business Office


Resources for parents/caregivers:

American Music Therapy Association

Autism Services & Resources Connecticut

Connecticut Birth23

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center

Westbrook Early Learning Links


Music therapy services are generously supported by the TJX Foundation, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County/River View Cemetery Fund, the Katen Foundation, the NewAlliance Foundation, the Chester Kitchings Family Foundation, the Essex Lions Club, and individual donors.

For more information call 860-767-0026.