School Time & Community Programs

Bring CMS to your school or community center!

SCHOOL TIME PRESENTATIONS  engage students by leveraging a widely-shared interest in music and utilizing the arts to support lessons learned in core subjects in a fun and creative way. Each in-school presentation includes an introduction to the topic with a lively musical performance and interactive activities where students contribute to making music – composing, playing traditional or homemade instruments, singing, and more! CMS faculty can integrate current classroom curricula into the arts presentation. Study guides with classroom activities for before or after the presentation are available.

“The Head, the Body, the Feet”
When musicians play music together, each instrument has a role to play – the melody (the head), the harmony (the body), and the bass line (the feet). A trio of stringed instruments will, using many varied and accessible musical examples, show young audiences how each part is equally important, and that the sound of the music changes dramatically as the roles are switched!

Can be adapted for grades K-6.
45 minutes; $300

“Traditional Maritime Music and History of the Connecticut River Valley”
Highlights the area’s strong maritime history given our proximity to the Connecticut TraditionalMaritimeMusicRiver. Traditional sea shanties and other folk music will bring the region’s historic significance to life.

Recommended for grades K-3.
45 minutes; $400

Mozart to Monk”
Mozart to Monk is a unique and highly entertaining educational program featuring music from the various periods of western classical music, and for each, a corresponding modern American jazz piece that highlights the common bonds of these two important musical genres.

Clarinetist Russ Becker and guitarist John Birt speak about and perform representative works dating from Medieval times right up through our modern era. The duo features important works by classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Stravinsky and others as well as jazz composers Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck and others.

Recommended for grades 3-6
45 minutes, $200

“Oh, To Respire”
Children focus attention on the body’s mind-boggling ability to breathe, and how we are Picture1amazingly adapted to use our air to create a variety of noises, which we use in all sorts of expressive ways, including playing musical instruments. Children will learn how air is the fuel for buzzing, which is the sound source for playing a brass instrument like the horn and other “wind” instruments. Join Nate the Great (aka CMS French horn instructor Nathan Pawelek)  for an engaging, active and fun learning experience!

Suitable up to grade 5
45 minutes, $200

“Found Objects & Mozart’s BFF”
Did you know that some things you throw out can be made into musical instruments? Things like bottles and straws, plastic candy wrappers, rubber bands and chop sticks! They can make sounds you wouldn’t believe! After learning about Mozart and his very interesting (and silly) 2nd Horn Concerto, students will make their own French horns from found objects and learn about sound and amplification, and then have a parade!

Suitable for up to grade 5
45 minutes, $200

“America’s Music from Ragtime to Swing: Music from 1890-1935”

Pianist Thomas Briggs and Clarinetist/Saxophonist Andrew Sherwood present an entertaining history lecture and performance that takes you on a journey from the early styles of Ragtime, Blues, Tin Pan Alley, and Dixieland up through the Swing Era. There are audience sing a longs in this up-beat presentation.

Suitable for grades 6+

45 minutes, $250


Any SCHOOL TIME PROGRAM can be adapted for community settings, including libraries, summer camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other venues. Additionally, CMS offers the following COMMUNITY PROGRAMS.

Early Childhood Music with Miss Martha!
Enjoy a fun-filled class  with  singing, dancing, and lots of giggles featuring familiar folk and children’s songs on guitar and violin with Miss Martha!
45 minutes; $75        

Musical Story Time
A perfect way to enhance your story time by bringing books to life with music and hands-on activities and instrument trials!

“A Violin for Elva” with Martha Herrle (viola) and Emily May (violin)
“Manuelo, the Playing Mantis” with Christine Coyle (cello)

Story only: 45 minutes; $75
Story & craft: 60 minutes; $120        

Workshops and Lectures
CMS faculty can present educational sessions on a variety of topics including The Great Composers, History of Jazz, Drum Circle,  and Making Music with GarageBand software. These sessions can be arranged for small and large groups, children or adults, and customized for your patrons.
60 minutes; $100

Funding generously provided by the George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation